Warm Up Flavored Massage Oil Strawberry 5.07 Ounce

Sexy Warm Up Flavored Massage Oil Strawberry 5.07 Ounce stuff

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  • Product Sku: JDIV-14314
  • Manufacturer: Joydivision Llc
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Who hasn't experienced this: you look forward to a massage, but it's so cold that the feeling of wellbeing rapidly dissipates. With WARMup, you'll never have this problem. The fascinating effect of the high-quality recipe is felt immediately and most pleasurably. The various fragrances will also put you in the mood for giving free reign to your imagination. In addition, WARMup also lets you know unmistakeably what is to come.

WARMup - the high-quality massage oil that gets you warm for hot nights of passion!

- Pure massage pleasure for both partners
- Velvety-soft skin feel
- Highly effective, with a little going a long way
- Dermatologically and clinically tested
- Subject to constant quality control

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Product Reviews

Yummy and soothing

After long bath I rub this stuff all over my body, quietly get under the covers and in less than five seconds my husband is all over me.

Anonymous - April 29 2015


It smells wonderful but thought it was a bit sticky, had to rinse off after using it. Didn't notice a huge difference when it came to the warm up sensation either. It feels nice on the skin and was easy to massage in.

Anonymous - March 2 2015

warms me up

have turned down plenty of massages over the years cause you know you'll feel cold after getting out of your clothes. happy to say that after trying out this warm-up lotion you'll feel warm and cosy and under a minute. it even gets you in the mood for some sex too!

Anonymous - March 2 2015

My warm up massage

It might be cold and dark outside, but with this warm up lotion, I feel snug and safe inside. Before pleasuring myself i give myself an arousing massage all over using this cherry smelling (my favorite) lotion.

Anonymous - February 9 2015

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