Stallion Delay Creme 0.5 Ounce

Sexy Stallion Delay Creme 0.5 Ounce stuff

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Stallion Delay Creme maximizes pleasure while delaying an orgasm. Apply a small amount to the head of the penis.

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Holy Cow

Finally became that super stud I always wanted to be. Made me stay harder and I pounded away like the world was coming to an end. Didn't have to cum until she reached the big O first.

Anonymous - April 29 2015

Happy to say it works

Happy to report that this product really worked out excellent for me. I think it's not only the formula that makes all this happen, I think it also has to do with your brain thinking it's working. Like when they give sugar pills to people.

Anonymous - February 5 2015

The stallion i always wanted to be

I always wanted to be a hunky stud in the bedroom, but always fell a bit short. Finally i am what i think i should be... a black stallion on steroids with a raging hard-on that will last for hours... well maybe not hours but close to it

Anonymous - November 12 2014

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