On Libido For Her 1.7 Ounce

Sexy On Libido For Her 1.7 Ounce stuff

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  • Product Sku: SOVL170
  • Manufacturer: Sensuva Organics
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Increase desire and balance in your life.
ON LIBIDO is formulated to support a woman's healthy sexual response and desire. ON LIBIDO naturally corrects imbalances that may be robbing a woman of desire for her sexual intimacy. Increase desire and balance in your life!

  • Naturally increases sexual desire and arousal
  • Makes her more sensitive to stimulation
  • Helps balance her sex hormones
  • Boosts energy and elevates mood

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    I've felt less and less interested in having intercourse with my husband. Talked to one of my closest girlfriends about it and thank God I did, because she recommended this On Libido gel. Unbelievable results for me! When i put it on i was a little skeptical, but suddenly i could feel a tingling sensation. slowly building up. After less than a minute the sensation was strong, it gave me an irresistible urge to start rubbing my clitoris. Best masturbation session i've ever experienced till this date. I haven't told my lover about my little secret, but i can tell he can definitely see a huge difference in my sexual drive. Nowadays I ask him for sex!

    Anonymous - September 24 2014

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