Mens Pleasure Wand Prostate Massager 6 Inch Charcoal

Sexy Mens Pleasure Wand Prostate Massager 6 Inch Charcoal stuff

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One of the most uniquely designed men's toys we've come across; this pleasure wand is shaped for maximum pleasure without taking up too much space. A remote pack allows you to cycle through four speed settings, the last of which is quite strong, and these vibes are conducted directly to the prostate and testicles through the cleverly outlined shaft; a rounded crook at the base massages your balls as the longer, curved and slightly bumpy other end does the same for your prostate. So if you've already discovered the joys of prostate stimulation, or if you're just curious, this Men's pleasure wand makes a great way to stimulate your prostate and scrotum (both erogenous zones) simultaneously.

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