Body Heat Edible Warming Massage Lotion Pina Colada 1 Ounce

Sexy Body Heat Edible Warming Massage Lotion Pina Colada 1 Ounce stuff

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Add heat to your seductions with these edible, warming massage lotions. Whether it's for all-over pleasure or to give special attention to your favorite erogenous zones, simply rub it on and then turn up the heat with a lick or hot breath. Delicious fun for both of you!

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Don't mind the above. A coincidence is more my belief, not his interpretation. Hole sweat and normal body oils may shield germs and fungus's, a water soluble or oil based fluid will tend to transfer AND be absorbed by the body. One's noggin says that is what soluble materials do. Even back oils on asun bathed day will be later absorbed, containing the day's vitamin D creation via sun on back and it's oils. Get it? Question do LADYS and gents benefit in proper fashions, via their partners' fluids? Bfood for thought, responsibly,eh?

Guest - January 27 2017


The most erotic experience I could ever imagine

Anonymous - July 10 2016


Had an allergic reaction and was stuck in the hospital for 10 days… pretty hard to explain how I got it to my wife, my girlfriend was scared shitless.

Anonymous - June 11 2016

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